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Category : Writing
Date : June 7, 2017
The Purpose of preparing a proposal for your PhD research is that the proposal provides an opportunity to the research scholar to present his idea of research to a group of experienced researchers (The committee, RDC, DRC). It also provides formal nod from the committee to begin your research. Do keep a note that as […]
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Are you a research scholar who has a family and moving isn’t possible? Is a PhD from distance is possible?

Category : PhD, Research
Date : February 22, 2017
A PhD course is different, rather much different from the other academic courses in the life of a student. The one who is intending to pursue a PhD must have done his background study about the requirements and commitments that are associated with the course. If we have to explain in a single line, A […]
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PhD Projects in Image Processing: Know the latest trends

Category : PhD
Date : October 5, 2016
PHD projects in image processing are fast becoming a latest trend due to its vast uses in defense uses, medical applications and various other crucial fields. Image processing is a key area that deals in processing and manipulating images into digital versions with the use of mathematical notions. The key purpose is enhancing an image […]
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For a PhD from Anna University, you need to know these five latest changes in the PhD program

Category : PhD
Date : August 25, 2016
Are you intending to take up a PhD from Anna University?  You must know these following details. There are two categories of PhD programmes available. One is the Full-Time PhD Programme, and the other is a Part-Time PhD programme. Those scholars who decide to and get selected for the Full-Time PhD programme would have to […]
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Essential Capabilities of a PhD Student

Category : Research
Date : August 4, 2016
There are successful PhD students, and then there are unsuccessful PhD students. There are certainly some essential capabilities that a successful PhD student possesses against an unsuccessful one.  Without them, I believe it is a little harder to achieve success. What are those core competencies that distinguish the successful from the unsuccessful? Communication skill: There is […]
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Learn to target the Appropriate Journal

Category : Journals
Date : July 23, 2016
Across all academic domain, researchers have a dream to have publications in reputed international journals. In an attempt to convert their dream into a reality, they put in all possible efforts in writing a research paper, which is the best in their capacity. Despite all the hard work, most of them are not able to […]
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For PhD success: Work on your Emotional Intelligence!!

Category : Research
Date : June 17, 2016
Academic intelligence, expertise in Research Methodology and other traits are what we know as the prerequisites for doing your Ph.D. But there is more beyond this. Your emotional strength and skill are very vital in ensuring how smoothly you sail through the tough stage of your PhD: Have a realistic assessment of self: Some scholars […]
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Establishing the validity of Qualitative Research

Category : Research
Date : May 31, 2016
There has been an issue with validity of qualitative research, at all times. It is a more commonly accepted concept in quantitative research. However, keeping aside validity, qualitative researchers have different standards for judging the quality of a research. Since qualitative research has its own distinctive characteristics that set it apart from quantitative research, researchers […]
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Is it easy to stay Happy and Fit while writing Thesis?

Category : Thesis
Date : April 25, 2016
It is a good excuse, rather a convincing one to gain weight, be depressed and develop health concerns, that you are writing a PhD thesis. Pressure is immense and it is important that PhD students take care of themselves so that they don’t break down physically or mentally while doing a thesis. Know that if […]
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Learn Researching for your research paper

Category : Research
Date : April 18, 2016
In the earlier times writing a research paper was never an easy task. Internet has been a boon and simplified life in such wonderful ways that it has become much easier to write than ever before in the past.  The amount of material that is available on the internet is in abundance and much more […]
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