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Importance of Thesis Proposal

Category : Editing
Date : August 23, 2014

Every thesis must have a proposal which must be submitted or put before the panel or the guide for his nod or acceptance. This helps the researcher in going ahead with the topic and also gets some tips and suggestions from the guide about the topic. Thesis proposal submission is mandatory process and helps the students in preparing a blueprint for the final research. This is not just because that student must follow the process, but proposal submission has a lot of advantages. Sometimes students might pick up a difficult topic or a new subject which might to difficult to research or get sufficient information for the thesis. In such instances, the guide can help the students in suggesting a new topic or might help in making necessary arrangements or provide guidance on the selected topic. In some instance two or more students might select a same proposal or similar proposal which might lead to clash and pointing out that in final stages will only lead t chaos. So by putting forward our proposal before the research panel a lot of help can be gained from their experience.

Also there would be a separate format for every university in which the proposal must be submitted. Students must follow the same format or else the proposal might get rejected. The proposal will also help the students and guide in estimating the time required to complete the thesis and also helps in estimating the resources required. The proposal might also include deadlines for different stages of the study which helps I maintaining strict discipline.  The proposal will include the critical questions like aim and objective of the study, limitations, timeline etc which helps the panel to know a brief about the study. By knowing all these the panel can help the students in providing suggestions, resources for information, software’s or statistical tools required etc.

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