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Is it easy to stay Happy and Fit while writing Thesis?

Category : Thesis
Date : April 25, 2016

It is a good excuse, rather a convincing one to gain weight, be depressed and develop health concerns, that you are writing a PhD thesis. Pressure is immense and it is important that PhD students take care of themselves so that they don’t break down physically or mentally while doing a thesis. Know that if you will work on your diet and fitness while you are doing research, not only would it help you to improve the quality of your work but also at the same time in the afterlife of your PhD, it would help to keep your body as well as your mind intact.

What are few essential things to take care of :

 Posture:  Long hours on the laptop is bound to take a toll on your posture and consequently. Much after your PhD you could be carrying the problem of a bad back. You know that you   are required to be working long hours on the computer and if saving your posture is your target, it is better to work on a desktop or if you so have to work on a laptop, it must be with a separate keyboard and a stand for the laptop. This way you would necessarily maintain the required distance from the screen, keep your back erect and also not strain your arms. Working on a bean bag or a couch is bad, it encourages bad posture.

Exercise: You may gain find an excuse here that exercising is time consuming and it takes your mind off  your work but  in between  your work schedules, you can take out time to stretch your muscles and  then in addition, there are various alternatives such as yoga,  Pilates, aerobics, running. You must take your pick in terms of interest and availability and if not every day, at least 4 days in a week devote time to fitness. It would not just keep you in shape but wonderfully work towards distressing as well.

Food:  Here you need a good support of a friend, family or domestic help who can take responsibility of serving you healthy and energy rich food from time to time. Stay away from the temptation to go for instant or ready to eat food. These would have a double negative impact on your health. If you do not have the support, don’t give in, find a way that once a week you could prepare healthy food preparations and freeze to use later as per requirement.

Other than this, work around things such as lighting of your room or study and time to time socialising to keep your spirits high. This may not make your PhD task easier but will surely instil in you the positivity to sustain it then and after.

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