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PhD Thesis Proposal Writing Service

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Date : June 7, 2017

The Purpose of preparing a proposal for your PhD research is that the proposal provides an opportunity to the research scholar to present his idea of research to a group of experienced researchers (The committee, RDC, DRC). It also provides formal nod from the committee to begin your research. Do keep a note that as a researcher, you are not expected to present the expected results in your proposal, however, should provide a rationale for the choice of topic, what is the expected outcome and limitations of the proposed research.

Since the proposal is the first step of your research process, it is also the starting point of our guidance system. Once you opt for our PhD thesis proposal writing service, we help you with the following steps:

  • Narrowing down the topic of research or making any slight adjustments in the topic.
  • Finding resources for literature review. We have access to some of the most trusted online and offline libraries and database for researchers. We can suggest you the references which will strengthen the proposal.
  • Help you prepare the research design. There are some crucial decisions which you need to take for choosing the most appropriate sources of data, tools of data collection and methodology for research. You need to be very sure of every decision, since you will have to justify them during proposal defense.
  • Assist you in understanding the format in which the proposal is to be presented. You need to get the structure right, and this is where our mentors step in.

Moreover, we will help you estimate the time that the entire PhD research will take and you can prepare the timeline accordingly. You can request for a sample format of PhD proposal and seek a quote for your requirement by writing in to us at or by filling in the query form at contact us page.


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    Then it should be proposal development services not simply the writing service.

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