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Journal paper for IEEE

We help you in preparing your manuscript all set to get published in first attempt. Under our IEEE Paper Writing Service, we follow the following process to develop your IEEE manuscript paper:

When targeting a publication in IEEE, it is important to select a base paper from IEEE transactions journals itself. As there are varied journals under IEEE and from varied domain, first step is to select an appropriate base paper from these journals.

  • We need to log on to and create an account before we could find out a suitable base paper for your study.
  • Once we have signed up and logged in, we can browse through Publications and Standards and click on IEEE publications.
  • From a List of journals, we select closely related journals which have good impact factor and publish papers similar to the particular domain.
  • The subject matter expert will search papers from a plethora of journals which are directly related to your area of research.
  • After reviewing a number of papers, we can come close to 3-4 suitable papers which may have possibility of further extension and development of a novel study.
  • These papers will be shared with you for your review. The suggestions will be in form of links of the papers from IEEE Transaction/conference journals. For instance in domain of Signal processing, you can review a paper in form of
  • After you review the abstract of the paper, you can suggest if the paper sounds appropriate to you for an extension.

While the base paper is selected, the next step is to finalize the problem on which the study will be based.

  • The subject matter expert will review the paper with a close watch and will extract the problem which can be further extended
  • An extension is suggested basis the techniques which can be used further for implementing a new study
  • A novel problem is developed keeping in view that it will lead to a unique research, however, also considering that it is a viable study in itself.
  • In the problem statement, it will be mentioned that which platform/software will be best suited for the research

It is quite better if a plan is developed, before we proceed for actual implementation of a research. It is better to plan out details of what will be done.

  • The subject matter expert will lay down information on which data sets will be applicable and what could be the sources from where the data set can be gathered
  • Which technique will be used as a better approach and which will create suitable environment for an extension
  • How the algorithm can be developed and implemented using the technique and data set proposed
  • What will be the procedure or flow of implementation

Post the data set is gathered and the problem is known, the environment needs to be created and you are good to go for implementation

  • As the software has numerous options and toolboxes, as per the study the toolbox and the complete environment of the software is developed
  • The developer works on the data set and applies coding required for applying the technique proposed and the outcomes expected
  • Coder works as per the extension proposed so that the expected outcomes is achieved and a code is produced which runs in the researcher’s system
  • A text file is prepared explaining the work scope, source files/code files, environment, version of software and instructions on how to run the code

As the final stage before the manuscript is ready for submission to journal. The research needs to be developed in an academic paper which can be written in a precise manner mentioning key objectives of study and the outcomes achieved.

  • The research paper is developed by academic writer who will be developing the paper in view to the IEEE standards. A lot of reading is done by writer before the paper is drafted.
  • The paper covers the following sections: Introduction, Literature review, research design, Results, discussions and conclusion.
  • The paper includes all the references being used while the writing is done.
  • Formatting is done as per prescribed format of the IEEE journal which is targeted for publication.

While the research paper is ready, it is the time to communicate to the journal. The manuscript is submitted to the target journal.

  • At the time of submission, we can develop a cover letter which needs to be submitted along with the paper
  • Cover letter usually mentions about the study done, what were the objectives and what has been the study outcomes
  • The paper formatting is done in two column format as per specific author guidelines by the journal
  • The paper should include author and co-author names and while submission, it is important to mention about reviewers names as well. This information is required by the scholar and can be added at the time of process of manuscript submission.