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Category : Thesis Writing
Date : 01-Aug-2014

When you are pursuing a research work in any field, getting proper guidance from a mentor is imperative. In most cases, the college will assign a supervisor for your project. You must keep in touch with your guide on a regular basis and ask for help to solve your queries. Check with her when choosing your references, methodology and target group. Take prior appointments with your guides to ensure that they have the answers that you need. If you do not have a guide who is readily available, then accessing a professional external mentor is advisable.


Thank you for this algorithm for simulation. I need to discuss this with you now to be able to defend.Paul Thorton

I am thankful to Lakshmi for her support in finding right references for my literature review chapter.Rajagopalan

Thank you team Thesis Help Center, the editing from your side helped me improve a lot on my draft.Muhammad Badar

Your service was really helpful. My synopsis has been approved by RDC and now we need to start with the thesis.Sumayya Rajgir

Dr. Gowda has been helpful in completing my analysis portion of the thesis as he walked me through the tests applied and how was the SEM done using AMOS. I feel a lot more confident of my work.Mahesh Chaugani

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