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Thesis Help Center provides you support with selecting the methodology that is best suited to your research. They also assist you in giving the appropriate plan for conducting the same.

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The methods chapter sets out the exact steps to be followed to test your questions. The following three are the major subsections of this Method chapter: Subjects or Participants, Instrumentation or Measures, and Procedures. The methods chapter of a PhD thesis, also, often contains a Statistical Analysis or Data Analysis section, which outlines the procedures for approaching the data. Any research using special equipment frequently contains an Apparatus section wherein the nature and type of equipment are described. Saunder’s onion is usually referred to in the methodology chapter. See the image below:

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The research methodology that you choose for conducting research is going to determine the direction that the study takes. Since there are various methods used for research and each one has certain specific characteristics and requirements, you have to choose the methodology cautiously. We explain the different methods, help you compare them and tell the tools that you will need to use for applying each of them.

The most widely used approaches are qualitative and quantitative methods. While the former is considered suitable for research in the field of humanities, where information sought is subjective and descriptive, the latter is used efficiently for pure science subjects, information technology and other domains. In quantitative approach, the mode of collecting data is through surveys and structured questionnaires. On the other hand, qualitative approach uses unstructured questionnaires and personal interviews to get the data.

In many studies you will need to apply a mix of methods, and this approach is known as Triangulation. It provides a balanced approach for research, this is where the need for research methodology writing help occurs. Get in touch with our team to find PhD research methodology help in any discipline. We can clear your dilemma on which method suits your study and how to develop the research methodology chapter of PhD thesis


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