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Would changing your writing location resurface creativity?

Category : Writing
Date : March 13, 2016

Writing we know for ages is known as a creative process. When you have to write, you got to weave words together in a tapestry so that you are able to describe what is there in your mind. It could be a person, a scene, a place an instance or even academic data. Of course, as difficult as this description sounds, we got to believe that doing this has to require creativity and ingenuity.

If you believe that writing is a creative process then you know that you have to bring in those creative juices flowing so that you can draw inspiration and stimulate your brain to weave words to describe what you want to in the best possible way. But when you have packed schedules and busy routine, getting the inspiration to write may not be as easy to find. But it is easy to stimulate the writing process by guiding and training your mind to be more creative.

The simplest and the most easy to apply trick is to change your location. A lot writers look for and hunt out that perfect writing spot where their creative juices flow out at their best. When I say that it doesn’t have much to do with luxury. Not all of us can have the funds to afford a big luxurious room but we can still afford to be very creative writers. You got to change your location. Whenever you feel that you are going through that writer’s block, it is the first thing to do and that is to try out a new location, even if just for trial to know the benefits at first. There is no thumb rule here that works for everyone. For some people changing locations everyday would work better and for other lesser the variation in the routine on daily basis would actually do the trick.

One logical reason that works behind changing of locations is that, when you sit down to articulate your thoughts into words, you absorb what your surroundings offer you and incorporate into what you produce in terms of words. You may not do it consciously, however it does reflect in the output in some way. You want to try this? Compare your writing attempts of two places, a well-lit and tidy organised place which is an ideal setting for writing and a cluttered unkempt place. When you would compare the output of two places, you would see the restricted creativity reflecting from the untidy and unkempt place.

Do attempt the comparative test before you conclude about what I have suggested regarding the importance of the writing space!

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